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Providing strength and support for your gutters.

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K-Guard Kansas City

K-Guard is different from other gutter guards because of the patented high strength hangers.

They are set every 24 inches inside the gutter and made from high strength all-weather polymers. No more drooping gutters along your roofline.

They will provide strength and support for your gutters front to back and will last forever.

Then there are the gutters themselves. We are talking a full 6-inch tall gutter. Because K-Guard uses the larger size, our system is able to handle more water than other smaller leaf guard rain covers. Over 22 inches an hour!

When that rain rushes off your roof into the gutters, it’s flushed into the downspouts.

K-Guard uses oversized 3 by 4-inch downspouts to move the rainwater away quickly.

K-Guard is also a fully integrated, highly engineered two-piece seamless system that consists of the gutter and the hood. Therefore in instances of storm damage to your gutter, the hood is easily removed and if it needs to be replaced, can be done easily without having to dismantle the gutters and downspouts.

And finally, because the K-Guard gutter system is attached directly to your facia boards, you never have to worry about voiding your roof’s warranties because unlike other systems, we do not touch or disturb your existing roof.

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K-Guard Kansas City