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ReNu Solar & Roofing

A ReNu representative will visit your home for a free consultation to ensure your home is a good fit for a solar installation and ensure it’s a worthwhile investment for your structure and electricity needs. ReNu will customize a solar installation plan specifically for your home. We handle the process of contacting your electricity company and applying for any necessary permits. Once the panels have been installed and have been inspected and approved by your utility company, your solar power is ready to start using.

Our professional staff is there every step of the way and has built close relationships with the power companies in the area to keep the process moving along as quickly as possible. Additionally, we’ll handle all the permits so you don’t have to worry about any step of the process.

Once your solar panels are operational, they will start paying for themselves right away. The extra energy your home generates is automatically sold to your utility supplier, reducing your bill further. You’ll see the direct benefits at work every single month.

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ReNu Solar & Roofing