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Family law attorney in the Clark County, Nevada

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Las Vegas

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Mills & Anderson

At Mills and Anderson we employ aggressive and innovative litigation strategies while maintaining the highest degree of integrity and ethical responsibility to ensure our clients receive the most effective representation possible.

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Established in: 1998
Specialities: Divorce Law, Family Law, Child Custody, Guardianship Law, Adoption Law, Pre-marital agreements, Termination of parental rights, Abuse and neglect, Contract consulting, Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Small Business, Small Business Organization, Child Abuse and Neglect, Prenuptial Agreements, Contract Consultant
Languages spoken: English
Services include: Divorce Attorney, Divorce Lawyer, Family Law Attorney, Family Lawyer, Child Custody Attorney, Child Custody Lawyer, Guardianship Attorney, Guardianship Lawyer, Adoption Attorney, Adoption Lawyer, Pre-marital agreements Attorney, Pre-marital agreements Lawyer, Termination of parental rights Attorney, Termination of parental rights Lawyer, Abuse and neglect Attorney, Abuse and neglect Lawyer, Contract consulting Attorney, Contract consulting Lawyer, Family Law Lawyer, Personal Injury Attorney, Personal Injury Lawyer, Child Abuse and Neglect Attorney, Child Abuse and Neglect Lawyer, Criminal Attorney, Criminal Lawyer, Family Attorney, Small Business Attorney, Small Business Lawyer, Contract Consultant, Contract Consulting, Small Business Organization Attorney, Small Business Organization Lawyer, Prenuptial Agreement Attorney, Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer



Mills & Anderson